Week 26: @Lilblueroses presents… THE MUSICALS

Hi there, this week is musical week! Music has always been a major part of my life starting with loving everything from pop to opera as a child,but musicals in particular has always been my favourite part of the music genre. I was brought up with seeing a musical every school holidays from when I was 4-10 and I guess that is where my love of them has come from. Apparently I would turn down two movies and a dinner out for a musical! (And secretly admit that I would still choose them.)

The reason I’ve always loved musicals is the combination of music plus a performance to see and obsess over. They also sustain a large story through the music in a way that songs don’t, making me a weak link for any form of musical performance. Which is why I frequently say Damn You Ryan Murphy… So this week will be covering a variety of musicals from Broadway, West End and on Film. Each night I’ll be covering a musical that originated in these theaters and film, including the greats such as Rent, Wicked, Jesus Christ Superstar, Spring Awakening, Chess, Cats and Rocky Horror. I have a few film spots still open so please tweet @MusNZ if you’d like a film covered!

Anyway, here is the playlist. I’ll be spotlighting my favourite songs from each musical and will add others songs that I feel are good into the playlist. If there are any favourite musical songs you like, please add them!


Week 24: @Morgy85 – To Be Someone – A Novel Soundtrack

So if you don’t really like albums – compilations become your friend big time.

The story behind how I discovered ‘To Be Someone’ is a little bit random. Dad picked it up from the bargain bin for about $3 not knowing anything about it other than the fact that it had some great songs on it. Well it turned out that it was a concept album and was actually a soundtrack to a novel.

We managed to track a copy down, now it certainly wasn’t the most groundbreaking novel I have ever read but the concept was fantastic and the music that went with it lifted it to the next level!

A washed up music star has an accident and creates her autobiography using each song to anchor a chapter. I have included a link to the full soundtrack but if you haven’t heard Anne Peebles’ I Can’t Stand The Rain, I would recommend turning it up really loud and letting the soul seep all over you!

I am definitely going to try and put together the soundtrack to my life this week!